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School & Sorority SUGA Prints SALE

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16" x 20" Poster.  Packaged with care.  

HBCUs & D9s

***Add school name in the NOTES section***

1) Made Suga (Sorority or School Print)

2) Sittin' Pretty Suga (Sorority or School Print)

3) On the Plot Suga (Sorority print only)

4) Booked n Busy Suga (Sorority or School Print)

5) HBCU Sugas (Sorority or School Print)

6) Bag Lady Suga (Sorority or School Print)

7) Sippin' Tea Suga (Sorority or School only)

8) HBCU Mista (Frat, HBCU print) 


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