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School & Sorority SUGA Prints SALE

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12" x 18 Print".  Finished paper ~ packaged with care.  

HBCUs, PWIs, Sororities



*** Be sure to include the print name of each in the NOTES sections ***

1) Sippin' Tea Suga (Sorority only)

2) Made Suga (Sorority & School Print)

3) Sittin' Pretty Suga (Sorority & School Print)

4) On the Plot Suga (Sorority print only)

5) Booked n Busy Suga (Sorority and School Print)

6) I Love My HBCU Suga (School print)

7) HBCU Sugas (School Print only)

8) Birken Bag Suga (Sorority & School Print)

9) HBCU Mista (Frat, HBCU, or PWI print)



7-14 Day Processing Time

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